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iKon Shave Craft - Tek Razor

iKon Shave Craft - Tek Razor

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Give your skin the care it deserves with our iKon Tek Razor!

This razor features a classic design that has been trusted for generations. It's double edge blade provides a smooth and precise shave, while the safety guard helps to prevent nicks and cuts.

The handle provides a comfortable grip and easy maneuverability, making it easy to reach all areas of your face. Perfect for both men and women.


What's included?

  • iKon Tek Head
  • iKon OSS Handle



Ships within 2 business days

Care Instructions

Use a soft bristle toothbrush and hot soapy water to scrub off any soap scum that accumates.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

After trying this razor, I found it has way too much blade feel ( maybe a defect )no matter what razor blade I use in it. I repeatedly have been trying to reach out to ikon customer service, and all my emails have been ignored. As a new customer, this is bad business and probably the only and last time I purchase from them.👎

Justin Giron
My all time favorite razor

I have tried a lot of DE razors over the past decade. Vintage and modern alike. This is hands down my favorite razor. Great blade feel, extremely efficient. It pairs very well with a Kai Stainless Steel blade. No pressure needed with this bad boy.

Gives me consistent BBS (bay butt smooth) shaves. I can use this razor daily without irritation. It doesn't get any closer of a shave than with this razor.

This Is A Shavette With A Safety Bar

This razor offers shavette-like performance in a DE razor package. The Tek razor is more efficient than my Muhle R41 (2023 model). I'm able to get an even closer shave with the Tek as well (in fact, probably the closest shave I've ever had). I love how nimble the head is; it's significantly thinner than my R41's head.

I do like using a smoother blade in mine (Astra) compared to a sharper blade (Feather). There is very little room for error or forgiveness with this razor. Your blade choice will have a 100% impact on your shave. Some more mild razors will keep you protected from small errors with a sharp blade, but this one will not. Paying attention to your shave prep is really important with this razor. Shaving with cold water can be a big help as well.

My only suggestion for improvement would be to feature a polished head. The aluminum performs great but, the matte finish is just a little dull. I'm not sure if a plated head would be thicker (which I wouldn't like), and I'm not sure if a stainless head would raise the price too far to be accessible to almost everyone like the price is now. Maybe the head is a perfect compromise as it is. The stainless handle looks great, has great grip, and great weight. I love the handle.

Overall, anyone who loves efficient razors NEEDS to order one of this and try it themselves. I would not recommend it for less experienced folks.

Beautiful razor

I reviewed the previous Tech but this is the same, beautiful razor. For me, its become after trying out more than 50 double-edge and single-edge razors the absolute beacon of efficiency, comfort and joy. Yes, this IS shaving at its most 550 HP emphatic, but the engineering behind it somehow manages to manage the aggressiveness right at the point where it could break you and deliver a less than stellar, or even dangerous, shave. I have opted to replace the wonderful provided handle with a less heavy aluminum one but for me, I get the same incredibly close and comfortable shaves, with just a little more control (particularly if I shave on consecutive days) and the lighter handle also affords me the ability to occasionally pop a Feather blade in the Tek for an unbelievably comfortable, fast, skin-close shave without the weepers that Feathers often deliver in lesser razors. Folks, this is SIMPLY the DE razor that will take you close to the edge but never push you over. And while some might say not for beginners or those transitioning from multi-blade razors, if youre careful and do a really good lathering with a quality shaving soap and a synthetic or animal-based brush, you wont be sorry you tried. I face lather and use cold water, and only drink a shot of Lagavulin AFTER the shave.